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Company vision


Our mission is to provide audit services, accounting, tax and financial consultantation with variety and quality to customers are domestic and international organizations.

We commit to become your trusted companion not only for businesses with 100% foreign capital, multinational companies, local businesses, groups, corporations, the projects with international funding, the joint-stock companies, limited companies, etc. but also for businesses in the private sector, mainly small and medium enterprises.

HORIZON cooperate closely and have great teamwork with other businesses, groups, corporations, private enterprises, etc. to improve governance capacity, administration, to helps business information financial become more transparent, create motivation, boost the confidence of investors, the state management agencies, especially in the process of raising capital and business expansion. This will be the key to promoting the strong development of Vietnam enterprises especially in the integration process and economic reforms.



The development objective of HORIZON is becoming one of the best companies providing audit services, accounting, tax and financial advisors in Vietnam and the international community. Satisfying most needs of the business in the economy of Vietnam and the region with quality services meeting international standards.

Focusing on strengths as accounting services and tax consultancy.


Our customers are small and medium enterprises in country that don’t organize internal accounting department. And for that, they hire us to to all accounting services.

International investors in Vietnam must be audited according to the law.

New investors, enteprise restructuring, dissolution, or business navigation can hire us with consultant service.

Representative offices, international contractors can hire us to manage their enterprise in Vietnam market, so that they can minimize management costing.

Firms and company at the time of dissolution, M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) also can hire us to takeover management during transfer.


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