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1. Receiving records, work

- Worker must work quickly in contact with customers, bill quotes.

- Proceed up and signing contracts.

- Top of the agreement in detail to inform the work done and prepare a complete dossier.

2. Implementation plan

- To make the table a detailed plan of work, implementation schedule.

- Specify the difficulties that may occur to the director plans to solve.

- Browser implementation plan, commit to completing the work and ensure timely customer.

3. Handling work

- To handle the job according to schedule.

- Regular exchange and discuss work with customers to best place.

4. Job reports

- Making the job log.

- Partial report of work completed under the plan has been set up tables.

- Regularly proposals, consult if problems arise complex.

5. Finish work

- Prepare job summary.

- To make the liquidation of contracts, payment requests under contract.

6. Recordkeeping

- Required to store a customer's records, along with the work diary.

7. Experiences for similar contracts

- Write down your experiences during the job, sending office workers and store common to other members.

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