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The success of the business from managing Start!

Management consulting services HORIZON support of our customers at all stages during the existence and development of the business.


Once established businesses:

- Consulting business

- Consultation form of business organization

- Construction Consulting Company Charter

- Established Business Consulting

- Start a Business Consultant


When you run your business:

- Building Regulation activities of the Management Board, Supervisory Board

- Building Regulation Executive Director

- Develop regulations for the organization and relationships of business operators

- Develop financial regulation

- Develop business regulations

- Building regulations produce

- Building regulations personnel and salaries

- Develop financial regulations and privacy ..


When the restructuring of enterprises:

- Shares of chemical companies including non-state enterprises

- Merger of enterprises

- Divide, separating business

- Establishment of business corporations

- Selling or leasing business


Upon dissolution of the enterprise:

- Bankruptcy

- Stop business

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