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Professional Accounting software for business accounting services.

ABACUS-Accounting is the accounting software product packaging, which we invest and improve continuously from 2005 to present. ABACUS-Accounting module and include many different versions. Depending on your needs and scale, businesses can choose the best fit version of the most economical cost.

 1. Professional expertise, diverse

 ABACUS-Accounting with over 36 modules of professional expertise, and outstanding special features such as:

 - Manage income and expenditure closely.

- Warehouse management expertise.

- Calculate the cost by more complex methods, in stages, under construction ...

- Management Report diverse, flexible, analyzed in several different targets.

- Preparation of budget estimates.

- Allocation of costs, revenue flexibility.

- Flexibility in customer portfolio management, making documents, sort vouchers ...

- Centralized management of multiple client database through a single interface.

2. Import / Export data flexibility

Accounting ABACUS-user support Import / Export data to multiple formats quickly, such as Text, Excel, Word, PDF, ...

 3. Security

ABACUS-Accounting decentralized multi-level support and authorization information to each data stream, ensuring absolute safety and security for sensitive data of the business.

 4. Online-connected multi-branch

ABACUS-Accounting can work on a personal computer or on multiple computers operating on the LAN, WAN or INTERNET. It helps businesses have more employees or have many branches in many different locations can still be managed on one single system. With this feature, the enterprise server space can be hired to ensure his place in the Datacenter Data.

 5. Friendly interface easy to use

Program interface to user-oriented design, simple, easy to use. System documentation, film shows, accounting is fully integrated into the program. The user does not have much knowledge about information technology and accounting can still owned and well run system.

Integrated accounting situation (case) and practical alternatives to help people make the accounting work and accounting services jobs quickly resolved.

 6. Conversion, upgrade to ERP

The full range of products that are designed ABACUS-compatible and capable of high conversion, so when the business grows, increasing the size and investment needs of the overall management system, comprehensive ERP, business industry can easily switch from ABACUS Accounting to OMEGA-ERP. This helps businesses save costs by not having to buy entirely new and saves time by converting used to ABACUS-Accounting system.

 7. Advanced technology

ABACUS-Accounting was developed on the latest technologies such as Visual Studio. Net 2008/2010, Database SQL Server 2005/2008, Crystal Reports, SAP Reporting ... Accounting ABACUS-compatible Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 and Office 2007 / 2010.

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